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摘要:論文代寫、包發,年產值8億 ,你為論文查重花多少錢? 我在論文造假工廠打工:代寫、包發,年產值8億 ,你為論文查重花多少錢? 編者注:四月,草長鶯飛。校園,人頭攢動。論文......

論文代寫、包發,年產值8億 ,你為論文查重花多少錢

我在論文“造假”工廠打工:代寫、包發,年產值8億 ,你為論文查重花多少錢?


作者:嘟叫獸 晁星 來源:土逗公社(ID:potu_groundbreaking) 《北京日報》



Essay writing, package hair, annual output value of 800 million, how much money do you spend for the paper check?
I work in the paper "fake" factory: generation write, package hair, annual output value of 800 million, how much money do you spend for the paper check?
Editor's note: In April, the grass is long and warbler. The campus, crowded. Essay writing in full fire, someone in baidu search, someone looking for taobao, a variety of payment methods, someone WeChat direct transfer, and taobao shop "learned culture general store" but said after receiving the manuscript to give money......
You will initially want to take a look at the domestic violence around the world. You will want to take a look at your own strength.
I work in the paper "fake" factory: generation write, package hair, annual output value of 800 million, how much money do you spend for the paper check?
April was full of nightingale. The campus, crowded. All over the sky, with the sound of the bell after the crowded stream of people, let a person breathe. With papers due in less than a month, the library was nervous for the first time since the entrance exam.







Chen Yu, a student cadre, has been recommended for graduate school (two years as a school counselor, followed by graduate school). Although the next few years are considered to have a stable land, but the school is always large and small activities, let him busy. There was only one week left before the deadline set by the department. All the students were worried to death, but Chen yu was still taking his time.
"800 yuan," Chen asked at a Taobao shop that offers ghostwriting services. Chen Yu still thinks it's a little expensive. According to high school students, 8000 words of undergraduate thesis, the price has been reduced to 1000 words below 100. According to the recommendation of his classmates, Chen Yu added a generation to write the QQ intermediary customer service.
"Eight thousand words. That comes to 640 yuan. Package modification package through, need to do PPT, a piece of 10 yuan ", QQ profile picture of customer service above marked the good faith write a few characters. In the signature, the customer service said "peak season peak season, occupy children's shoes please leave a message, patience to wait". Important words are said three times as if they are showing off something.
In 2015, the China University Media Union randomly surveyed 318 college students. 31.13% of the college students said that they had considered looking for someone to write a paper, 73.9% of the college students around the essay writing phenomenon.
"High pressure from work", "busy studying abroad" and "laziness and procrastination" were the most common reasons given when asked "why I have someone to write my thesis for me".

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 一家淘寶店的銷售頁面


代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 近日,出版商施普林格(Springer)史無前例地撤稿《腫瘤生物學》雜志的107篇造假論文。這些論文于2012年到2016年之間發表,全部來自中國各個知名醫院的醫生。

2016年9月,抄襲觀察者(Plagiarism Watch)網站揭露,巴西某SCI期刊與中國代寫公司合作進行論文造假。這本期刊75%以上的作者來自中國,其中大量論文使用的是相同圖表、相同研究代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱對象,并得出了相同實驗結果。



代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 淘寶刷單、網絡打字、論文代寫,這是大學群里最常見的幾種在線兼職。即將研究生畢業的王穎,大三下學期就是在學校求職論壇里看到了代寫兼職信息,開始了她的寫手生涯。

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 與中介在QQ上取得聯系后,王穎接到了第一個測試單,寫一篇3000字的“整合營銷傳播學”的案例分析。“一開始,我還寫得挺認真的,就按照平時課程的要求查資料,做理論分析”,回憶自己的從業經歷,王穎覺得當時的自己,很傻很天真。



The sales page of a Taobao store
China's ghostwriting industry is worth more than 1 billion yuan, according to China Science Daily. In addition to the generation of graduation thesis writing, overseas students thesis, research thesis writing and publishing is also the "thesis red Sea" in the big gold mine.
In an unprecedented move, publisher Springer recently retracted 107 fake papers from the journal Cancer Biology. The papers, which were published between 2012 and 2016, were all from doctors at well-known hospitals in China.
In September 2016, the website Plagiarism Watch revealed that a Brazilian SCI journal had cooperated with a Chinese ghost writing company to cheat the paper. More than 75 per cent of the journal's authors are from China, and a large number of the papers use the same charts, study the same subjects and come up with the same experimental results.
Plagiarism watchers are frank: these bad papers are no different from blogs, but what's worse is that journals make a lot of Chinese money while producing a lot of junk that pollutes the scientific literature database.
Have you shipped the paper you bought?
Taobao brush single, network typing, essay writing, this is the university group in the most common kind of part-time online. Wang Ying, who is about to graduate from the graduate school, the second semester of the third year is to see a part-time job writing information in the school's job forum, began her writer career.
After contacting an agent on QQ, Wang received her first test and wrote a 3,000-word case study on "integrated marketing Communication." "At the beginning, I wrote very carefully. I looked up materials and did theoretical analysis according to the requirements of the usual courses." wang recalled his professional experience, and he thought he was too simple, sometimes naive at that time.
"Actually won't be so troublesome, you to know the Internet to find a few similar papers, patchwork, change a few words, reverse the sentence order, can pass", Wang Ying summed up their own generation of writing experience. "Often you see those online papers, the topic is similar, also copy each other".
According to charge 1000 word 80-100 yuan undergraduate course paper to calculate, Wang Ying's reward is 1000 word 40 or so. It just takes three or four hours to come up with a course paper that can be completely fooled by the review system. Wang Ying said, now what Taobao, pig eight quit above on generation realism is too much, they this request to rewrite, to ensure that the sentence smooth generation of writing has been a "conscience of the enterprise.


代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 “有的淘寶店,收了錢就直接發亂七八糟的爛文章給你”,陳宇說。他曾經在淘寶上,花了兩百塊買了一篇課程論文,“一看就是網上的文章隨便拼湊,還不如我自己從知網上‘抄’的呢”。拿到爛論文后,陳宇覺得“這樣的灰色產業,說出去也不好聽”,只好認倒霉了。

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 有過第一次找代寫的不愉快經歷,陳宇留了個心眼。買畢業論文的時候,他與賣家反復確認了,旗下寫手是相關領域的名校碩士,論文包修改,并且答辯通過后才結尾款。

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 每年的四五月份是接單的黃金時間。忙起來的時候,王穎連吃飯的時間都沒有,每天只睡不到4個小時。“本科、專科、在職碩士”,是王穎最大的客源。對她來說,寫這些不同的論文,并沒有多大操作上的差別。不同的是,很多碩士論文會需要根據學校導師的意見反復修改。




A ghostwriter price list from an agency
"Some Taobao shops, after receiving money, directly send you rubbish articles," Chen said. He once spent 200 yuan on a course paper on Taobao. "I can see that the articles on the Internet are just pieced together casually, but It's better that I 'copy' them from the Internet." After getting the rotten paper, Chen Yu felt that "such a gray industry, it is not good to say out", had to admit bad luck.
Have had the unpleasant experience of looking for generation to write for the first time, Chen Yu left a mind. When he bought his graduation thesis, he repeatedly confirmed with the seller that his writer was a master in a famous university in the related field, and he would not end the thesis until he had modified the thesis package and passed the defense.
Every year in April and May is the prime time to receive orders. When she's busy, Wang doesn't even have time to eat and sleeps less than four hours a day. "Undergraduate, junior college, on-the-job master", is the biggest customer of Wang Ying. For her, there is not much operational difference in writing these different papers. The difference is that many master's theses will need to be revised repeatedly according to the opinions of school tutors.
"The revision was too painful. Sometimes it would take me a month or two to revise a paper I had written in a week or two, and when the dust settled at the school, I would receive the money." When the paper needed to be revised repeatedly, Wang could only complain bitterly. "Now omnipresent generation write intermediary, is the main 'package, package modification, cheap', money is more and more difficult to earn do not say, most back to the intermediary took away".
After graduate school, Wang slowly reduced the frequency of receiving orders from intermediaries. A teacher once invited Wang Ying to be her "project application assistant", and she wrote the project application in the name of the teacher together with several doctoral students. "The money was so small that I just wanted to earn a living. I didn't want to do academic work at all, so I said no," Wang said.
Now more of her orders come directly from school counselors. "The current schools like to have a lot of very expensive 'executive' or 'EMBA' classes. These classes also have to write graduation theses, and many 'ceos' simply don't have time to write them. The instructor will directly send the President's paper needs to the class group, "to write an essay can be three or four thousand dollars, much higher than the intermediary price".

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 央視新聞臥底論文公司

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 央視記者曾經臥底一家位于成都的論文中介公司。全公司五百多名員工,絕大多數都是網上發展客戶的業務員。該公司擁有四層辦公樓,每一層,寫稿、發行、推廣,一條條產線跟著緊密的格子間,依次排開。

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 業務員迅速敲擊著鍵盤,一個人操作著四五個QQ號。每個業務員至少要加三四百個研究生QQ群。他們一個個地點擊著群組列表里的頭像,單獨詢問是否需要買論文。“研究生群出業務特別較快,有的時候加一個群,過幾天就會有人來買文章”,一位業務員說。

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 除了學生群,一些專門的“論文代寫群”也應運而生。這些群里以醫藥、化工類論文廣告居多。不到半個小時,就能有接近100條論文信息。各個中介的業務員在這里秣馬厲兵、攻城略地,復制粘貼著“代寫包發、可開發票”。

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 他們忙碌的手指和永遠在閃動的圖標,見證著這個行業的興盛繁榮。據該公司推廣人員透露,在百度的關鍵詞競價排名里,“發文章”、“論文代寫”這類的詞,價格高的時候,網友一次點擊,公司便要付給百度三四十元。




代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 李嵐順利通過了中介的測試,成了代寫中心的一名槍手。碰到文科社科類的“功課”訂單,中介會給一星期時間,每天工作三小時左右。按照千字三百的稿酬來算,完成一單可以掙300-600元不等。接活最多的時候,李嵐每月兼職可以掙四五千。

CCTV News Undercover Paper Company
CCTV reporters once went undercover at a paper agency in Chengdu. The company has more than 500 employees, most of whom are salesmen who develop customers online. The company has four floors of office buildings, each floor, writing, distribution, promotion, a production line followed by close cubicles, in turn arranged.
Salesman quickly hit the keyboard, a person operating four or five QQ number. Each salesman must add at least three or four hundred graduate student QQ groups. One by one, they clicked on the avatar in the group list and individually asked if they needed to buy a paper. "Graduate students out of the business is particularly fast, sometimes add a group, a few days later someone will come to buy articles," said a salesman.
In addition to the student group, some special "essay writing group" also emerged. In these groups to medicine, chemical papers advertising in the majority. In less than half an hour, there were close to 100 papers. Various intermediary salesmen are combat-ready here, and copy-paste "generation write package hair, invoice can be issued".
Their busy fingers and ever-flashing ICONS bear witness to the prosperity of the industry. According to the company's promotion personnel disclosed, in baidu's keyword bidding ranking, "hair article", "essay writing" this kind of word, the price is high, a user click, the company will pay Baidu thirty or forty yuan.
Oxford also asked us to write essays
Li LAN resigned from the company four years ago. Waiting to find a job at home, she saw a post for writing staff from an overseas Chinese essay writing agency: "English essay writing and editing, 300 words, above 550 points for CET-6."
Thinking of "freedom of time and place, I can practice My English and earn money", Li LAN sent her resume to the agent. Half a day later, the intermediary sent the test file, which has the format specification of the paper, asked her to try to write an article. Not long after graduate school Li LAN, for such articles, has been familiar with the road. Within a day, Li LAN from a variety of documents and materials to put together, handed over 1000 words of the "goods", "write fast, a day of 1000 words, almost all day writing".
Li LAN passed the test of intermediary smoothly, became a gunner of generation write center. Encounter liberal arts social science kind "lesson" order, intermediary meeting gives a week time, work 3 hours or so every day. According to 300 thousand words of remuneration, the completion of a single order can earn 300-600 yuan. At her peak, Li LAN earned four or five thousand dollars a month on part-time jobs.

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 一家中介展示的服務流程





對于寫手來說,收到的報酬,并不會因為客戶來自牛津劍橋還是克萊登野雞,有所改變。即便是接畢業論文,寫手的單價也不會變。李嵐接過一個畢業論文的單子,一萬字英文,三千塊,做了半年才收到款。相比一周一可以完成的課程作業,對于李嵐來說,畢業論文這樣的買賣并不劃算,“周期太長了,學生要不停地見導師修改” 。

A service flow shown by an intermediary
However, each delivery, Li LAN will not immediately receive the money, "generally there will be a few pieces of pressure, waiting for feedback from the student customer teacher before settlement." Usually, after students and clients submit papers, they need to wait for the teacher to review, grade or give Suggestions for revision. Encounter those who want to revise a paper, Li LAN also needs to be in formulary time, complete revise. The wages, however, are often not paid until the student receives the grade.
Li LAN also once encountered, intermediary did not settle the case of bill. As a gray area, the relationship between agents and writers "is based on mutual trust, without any constraints." Hua Qing, li LAN's classmate, was once "carded" by another agent. The agency claims to protect itself by requiring the writer to put down an article as a deposit, and that every time the writer completes a new order, he will receive the money from the previous one. "I wrote it twice and thought it was not worth it, so I didn't write it there," Hua Qing said.
For the quality of the paper, in addition to can not be duplicated system detection of plagiarism, there is no particularly strict requirements. "The bottom line is passing, and some students require high marks, but most students don't have high requirements for the quality of their work," Li said. In order to ensure the quality and speed of the deal, the agency notes the areas each writer is good at, "and only issue the order if they can write it." Encountered the problem that repeat, some intermediary still can use the sheet before directly "deliver goods".
After a long career in the business, Li wrote a variety of foreign master's theses, "just like reading each master's thesis one by one". In the title of an assignment sent by a client, Li LAN saw the logo of Oxford University. In the middle of the ink-blue badge was an open book with the words, in Latin, god is my light. "Oxford students still asked me to write for them, and I began to doubt studying abroad," Said Li LAN.
For writers, the pay they receive does not change depending on whether the client is from Cambridge or Claddon. Even if is receives the graduation thesis, the writer's unit price also does not change. Li LAN took over a graduation thesis list, ten thousand words in English, three thousand dollars, did half a year to receive the money. Compared with coursework that can be completed once a week, for Li LAN, such a deal is not cost-effective, "the cycle is too long, students have to constantly see their tutors to revise".




張韻,一位美國Top 50名校的留學生,就曾經因為文章風格的問題差一點被抓了“現行”。“我本來就不擅長那一科,拖到最后沒辦法了就找了代寫。作業交上去后,其他人都沒事,老師單獨說想跟我談談,我都嚇死了”。


Study abroad essay writing process
Some clients will collect data through questionnaires when they come across papers to do social surveys. But more often, Li LAN needs to make up or interview herself. Because settlement is charged by the word, this extra effort doesn't show up in Li LAN's income.
Li LAN services under the agency of a number of domestic famous universities and young teachers, to the customer fees is 600 words. "There is a huge demand for this industry-based market," said a customer service representative at the agency. In addition to ensuring that the repetition rate is up to par, the language style and thinking habits in the text are also important. Because teachers and teaching assistants can easily judge the originality of the work from the students' performance over time.
Zhang Yun, an international student from one of the Top 50 universities in the United States, was once almost caught "in force" because of the style of the article. "I was not good at that section, put off to the last can not find a generation to write. After the homework was handed in, everyone else was fine, and the teacher alone said he wanted to talk to me. I was scared to death."
At Zhang's school, if found guilty of academic fraud, she may face expulsion as well as failure. At that time, Zhang Yun nervously to contact the generation of writing. The writer seems to be used to such a situation, and quickly sorted out his writing ideas, the article wording consideration sent over. Zhang Yun this paragraph of things complete back down, the next day successfully answered the questions raised by the teacher, get away with.


代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 為了保證文章風格統一,很多學生會從學期第一篇作業就找代寫。這樣一來就很難被發現。一篇作業,兩千多塊錢,就能拿一個A,包修改、包答疑。“我每天幫這些歐美名校的學生寫論文,真心覺得學歷至上現象有點可悲,他們都學到了啥啊”,李嵐說。


代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 錢曉亮曾經在一個論文公司兼職過半年。“當時招聘廣告上說公司是什么專注于‘科研成果轉化和企業孵化’,看起來挺牛X的,就投簡歷了”。



這家公司分為國內事業部和國際事業部。國內事業部的旗下和好幾本業內期刊、職業教育期刊有合作關系(甚至有的老師是這些期刊的編委會成員),國際事業部主要組織一些國際會議、承諾能夠被“SCI, EI”檢索。

A generation of writing company taobao evaluation
In order to ensure a uniform style of writing, many students from the first assignment in the semester to find the generation of writing. That makes it hard to find. An assignment, more than two thousand dollars, you can get an A, package modification, package q&A. "I write essays for students from prestigious Universities in Europe and the United States every day, and I really think it's a little sad that academic credentials come first. What have they learned?" said Li.
The boss is a university professor
Qian Xiaoliang once worked part-time in a thesis company for half a year. "The job AD said the company was focused on 'scientific research transformation and business incubation.' It looked great, so I sent in my resume."
"The company was run by several university teachers. When I went there, I thought it was one of those scientific research institutions, but when I started working, I found it was not like that at all." When Qian started work, he found that the academic editing job was actually to sort out papers from all over the country and put them into a uniform format.
"A look at that time I feel not ah, although I don't understand what of information science and technology, but I can see that these papers are very 'water', why do I change the format and information", xiao-liang qian did not expect that, to his own hands these logical confusion, format the wrong article was graduate students and the teacher's journal submissions from all colleges and universities.
The company is divided into domestic and international divisions. The domestic business Division has cooperative relations with several industry journals and vocational education journals (even some teachers are members of the editorial board of these journals). The international business Division mainly organizes some international conferences and promises to be indexed by "SCI, EI".


代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 工作了一段時間后,錢曉亮發現,這間公司有一大部分員工就是某教授帶的研究生。他們幾乎全職在公司上班,干著和錢曉亮差不多的工作。“他們就是加入了這個老師的課題組,然后以課題組的名義實際上在老師的公司打工,和我一樣,沒日沒夜干著重復簡單勞動,一個月八百塊錢”,曉亮笑道。



代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 干了兩個月后,錢曉亮調到了隔壁桌的“國際事業部”。然而他每天的工作內容沒有實質性的變化,只不過稿件從中文變成了英文。但是那些文章處理起來依然讓曉亮頭痛,“好多文章你一看就是直接谷歌翻譯的”。這些谷歌翻譯的文章,錢曉亮的同事會反饋不通過,然后給投稿人介紹英文的代寫。這樣除了國際會議論文的版面費,客戶還要交一大筆額外的“修改費”。


Publication fee standard for papers
After working for some time, Qian discovered that a large proportion of the company's employees were graduate students led by a professor. They work almost full-time at the company, doing jobs similar to Qian's. "They just joined the teacher's research group, and in the name of the research group they actually worked in the teacher's company, just like me, doing simple and repetitive work day and night, 800 yuan a month," Xiao said with a laugh.
Xiao liang was mainly responsible for changing the format, translating the Chinese abstract into English with Google translation, sorting out the paper information and uploading it to the company's system background. The sorted papers will be submitted to the "reviewer" for selection or Suggestions for revision, and then feedback to the author. "Later, I learned that the reviewer was also a few of the teacher's students, some of whom were studying or graduating from school. The reviewer's comments generally told me that your manuscript had passed, where to revise it, and how much to pay for the layout," Qian said.
For those who come to ask for advice but can't write their own articles, the customer service staff sitting next to Xiao Liang can also introduce writers. Even, often someone call customer service, several people contribute together, there is no group discount. "Not a single fish was spared. But a writer's copy, to be honest, looks a lot more like most submissions, at least in the right format and sentence.
After working for two months, Mr. Qian was transferred to the "international division" at the next table. However, the content of his daily work has not changed substantially, only the manuscript has changed from Chinese to English. But the processing of those articles still gives xiao liang a headache, "a lot of articles you can see are directly translated by Google". These Google translated articles, qian xiaoliang colleagues will feedback not pass, and then to the contributor to introduce the English generation of writing. In addition to the layout fee of the international conference paper, the client has to pay a large amount of additional "modification fee".
Qian Xiaoliang and colleagues in the same department, are basically high school level mute English. Later, the professor decided that it was too expensive to hire an interpreter for each meeting, so he hired a foreigner every week to teach business English. "There are also international conferences," Qian said with a smile. "I like to make jokes about international meetings. I wrote the conference manual, and all of them are Chinese.





代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 有過這樣的灰色兼職經歷,錢曉亮經常覺得眼前看紅墻綠瓦、莊嚴肅穆大學虛偽得可怕,“他們喜歡把樓都刷上紅漆,顯得底蘊很深的樣子,其實里面可能已經爛透了”。





代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 又到畢業季,找工作之外,學位論文也是畢業生必須邁過的一道難關。

CCTV news exposure essay writing, agency
After finishing his part-time job at the "technology company", the business of producing papers did not leave Qian. Wait until senior year, class calculates rank, affirmatory recommend graduate student qualification when, quite a few classmates take by surprise to each take out 10 papers that had been published.
"I knew at a glance what it was. That's what I used to do. They pay hundreds of yuan for each paper, and they publish almost all the course papers they've written in recent years, some even for elective courses, "says Qian. Very smoothly, these students, carrying full papers jumped to the top of the class, obtained the qualification of postgraduate recommendation extrapolation.
Nowadays, with the emphasis on scientific research output, thesis is the stepping stone for higher education and promotion, as well as the touchstone for professional level. Regardless of their level of knowledge, professionals write essays to evaluate their titles. From college students and university professors to middle school teachers and medical staff, papers and forms are just like a single-plank bridge leading to the future. There is only one road. If you hesitate for a moment, you will be crowded out. Everyone was under pressure to publish, leaving the bosses and professors of the paper companies in a sultry mood.
Having such a gray part-time experience, Qian Xiaoliang often felt that the red walls and green tiles, solemn and solemn university was terribly hypocritical. "They like to paint the building with red paint, which looks very deep, but actually it may have been rotten inside."
"The so-called scientific research, with taxpayers' money, is not to produce knowledge for the society at all, but to produce garbage for their own benefit. However, now more and more garbage is not made by themselves, but to buy ready-made. Once, there was a classmate, know his this gray work experience, find Qian Xiaoliang, consulting "generation write package hair" market.
"Life is short and time is precious, so why produce garbage?" Qian Xiaoliang said to the student.
Low low low
How much do you spend on redoing your paper?
It's graduation season again. In addition to finding a job, a dissertation is also a hurdle that graduates must overcome.

代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 為了遏制論文造假,各大高校紛紛祭出“大數據”手段,借助知網、萬方、維普等文獻檢測系統來認定論文是否涉嫌抄襲,其中核心指標是“重復率”,也就是文字復制比。


代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 但如此走“捷徑”,讓高校學術不端的風氣愈演愈烈。近日,福州一高校財會系就陷入尷尬,“幾乎所有同學論文‘查重’未達標,論文質量比較粗糙”,不得不要求學生返校集中撰寫畢業論文。



代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 如今,市面上有多種論文重復率檢測系統,Paperpass、中國知網、萬方等,不一而足,但檢測原理類似——將學生提交的論文與系統數據庫收錄的論文,以短句為單位進行對比,然后出具詳細的檢測報告。報告中,內容重復的部分會被標紅。






代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 付費“降重”:從20%到0.2%的套路



代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 一位碩士畢業生告訴筆者,前后在淘寶上購買了4次知網“查重”服務,花費了1090元。經過努力,論文重復率從20%降到了0.2%,遠遠低于學校規定的5%。“重復的地方我全改了,一晚上搞定,一點沒耽誤實習。”他語氣里透著輕松。





In order to curb paper fraud, universities have offered "big data" means, with the help of knowledge network, Wanfang, Weipu and other literature detection system to determine whether the paper is suspected of plagiarism, the core index is "repetition rate", that is, the text copy ratio.
As a result, graduates find ways to avoid risks by testing their papers themselves before submitting them to schools for review. This demand, took the fire paper "check heavy" business, especially after checking heavy "reduce weight" strategy, many graduates do not hesitate to spend thousands of yuan for this.
But such a "shortcut", let the atmosphere of academic misconduct in colleges and universities more and more intense. Recently, the accounting department of a university in Fuzhou was in an embarrassing situation. "Almost all the students' papers failed to meet the standard of 're-checking', and the quality of their papers was relatively rough", so they had to ask students to return to school and concentrate on writing their graduation papers.
Online shop rush gold: "check heavy" price overnight rise nearly 100 yuan
Nowadays, there are a variety of paper repetition rate detection systems on the market, including Paperpass, CnN.com, Wanfang, etc., but the principle of detection is similar -- the paper submitted by students is compared with the paper included in the system database on the basis of short sentences, and then a detailed test report is issued. Duplicate parts of the report will be highlighted in red.
The author searches in Tmall net "paper check again", the webpage shows nearly 300 relevant commodities, among which the highest monthly turnover reached 180,000.
The author understands that the Paperpass detection system and cnKNET academic misconduct paper detection system are commonly used by graduates. In terms of price, Paperpass is relatively cheap, about 1.5 yuan per thousand words. According to the master thesis 40,000 words calculation, the detection of 60 yuan a time. China knowledge network is more expensive, the detection of an undergraduate paper in about 100 yuan, a master and doctoral thesis about 300 yuan.
Because of the largest and most authoritative literature storage, the vast majority of universities use cnKI testing system. However, CnKI only works with universities and magazines, and the system is not open to individuals. Still, graduates can buy the service from online channels such as Taobao. On a store on Taobao, the "final draft test of Zhiwang Shuobo is consistent with the university system", priced at 390 yuan, has sold more than 20,000 items in April.
The author understands, from march beginning paper "check again" the price rises all the way. Yan Zhen, a master's degree graduate from China University of Political Science and Law, said that in early March, she bought a Taobao-based Zhi.com testing service to look up a master's thesis for 280 yuan, but when she looked again the next day, the price rose to 380 yuan. "The system's database has not been updated, it is just a price increase."
Paid "weight reduction" : the formula from 20% to 0.2%
I have learned that most postgraduates will "double-check" their papers before submitting them to the university. Generally, the Paperpass is used for one check first, and then after modification according to the test results, it is checked through the system of CnKI again.
According to the 2016 Statistical Communique on National Economic and Social Development released by the National Bureau of Statistics, there were 564,000 graduate students in 2016. According to each master and doctoral student's personal "check", each time 300 yuan calculation, the appointment cost 170 million yuan. Obviously, the paper has already become a "big industry".
A master's degree graduate told me that he spent 1,090 yuan on zhiwang's "double checking" service, which he bought four times on Taobao. With effort, the repetition rate dropped from 20 percent to 0.2 percent, well below the 5 percent required by the school. "I changed all the repetitions and did it in one night. I didn't miss an internship." There was a note of relief in his voice.
How to modify a paper with high repetition rate? There are various strategies circulating on the Internet. "It's like doing a Chinese assignment, changing synonyms, changing word order, that's basically it."
"The repetition rate required by the university includes the citation rate, so I changed all the quoted words into indirect speech, which means I didn't use the original words and said the same meaning in different ways, until it was a little strange to me," yan said.
"Weight reduction" is obviously a bigger deal than "weight check". The author found on websites such as Paperpass that in addition to "weight checking", there are also "weight reduction" services. Paperpass weight Reduction service charges according to the repetition rate step by step. As shown in its price list, Paperpass detects master theses with a repetition rate of less than 20%, which is about 50 to 150 yuan per thousand words.
The author inquired that for a master's thesis on law, the Paperpass detection repetition rate is 20% and the total words of repetition is 8000, which should be reduced to 10%. How to charge? Staff told me that the fee per thousand words 130 yuan, a total of 1,040 yuan.






代写paper_代写report_代写论文多少钱 “如果是下足了功夫做研究,扎扎實實自己寫出來的論文,根本不用擔心和別人重復。”多位畢業生坦言,但論文的寫作周期和找工作的周期幾乎重合,一邊寫論文,一邊找工作,時間精力難免有些捉襟見肘。



It backfires: Anti-plagiarism encourages plagiarism
"Actually don't need to look up, the whole paper where the repetition, I know best, because is directly copy and paste. The repetition system just helps students locate repeated words quickly and accurately, and then make adjustments quickly." A law major tutor is frustrated by the current decline in the quality of his graduation thesis. Instead, he argues, the system has become a tool for students to avoid the risk of plagiarism.
The tutor suggested that, in addition to computer censorship, colleges and universities should also strengthen manual censorship and "not let the opportunistic pass".
Shi Yue, a master's degree graduate from Renmin University of China, told me that most of her thesis was based on interviews, so the repetition rate was low. Cnki checked once, and the repetition rate was only 2%.
"If you do your research and write your own paper, you don't have to worry about repeating it." Many graduates frankly, but the thesis writing cycle and the cycle of finding a job almost coincide, while writing a thesis, while looking for a job, time and energy is hard to avoid some of the constraints.
In fact, under the impetuous social atmosphere, the paper reflecting the achievements of higher education is more and more despised. "Employment is the biggest goal. How many more people can settle down to study?"
Xiao Lin, a PhD graduate who has worked hard for years in Beijing, believes that the whole society does not treat academics as sacred and counterfeiters are not severely punished, making it easy for anti-academic misconduct to "go through the motions".

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靠譜的代寫Assignment機構該...... 2020-09-18

靠譜的代寫Assignment機構該怎么選擇? How should reliable generation Assignment agency choose? 寫作Assignment的時候是需要掌握很多的技巧,要是不知道如何正確的寫作可能就是會有很多的問題,而代......

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Assignment代寫可以從哪些方...... 2020-09-18

Assignment代寫可以從哪些方面進行模仿? The Assignment can write from what respect to imitate? Assignment作為普通作業,也就是我們常說的老師布置的寫作或者是課外作業的統稱。 Assignment is an ordin......

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Assignment代寫怎么才能保持...... 2020-09-18

Assignment代寫怎么才能保持原創度? How can Assignment stay original? Assignment應該是歐美教育體制中最具有代表性的產物了吧,但卻讓留學生吃足了苦頭。很多留學生即使從小學習英語,但知識......

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代寫Assignment存在哪些小技...... 2020-09-18

代寫Assignment存在哪些小技巧? What are some tips for writing assignments? 留學時最害怕的就是文科的assignment,動輒1000字以上的小文章讓很多留學生看著文科生瑟瑟發抖(相信身邊有些同學就是因......

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Report代寫這些單詞你是否...... 2020-09-17

Report代寫這些單詞你是否誤解了?怎樣避免研究結果寫作誤區? Do you misunderstand these words? How to avoid writing errors of research results? Report代寫:這些單詞你是否誤解了? 本篇文章為研究論文......

標簽:assignment代寫?英文assignment?代寫assignment?assignment p?assignment代寫?英文文章代寫?英文作業代寫?英語assignment?留學生個人簡歷代寫?北美assignment?溫哥華assignmen?淘寶assignment?代寫英文assignme?加拿大assignmen?assignment代寫?商科assignment?thesis代寫?美國assignment?SCI英文寫作?英文論文寫作?澳洲assignment?finance代寫?新加坡assignmen?

Report寫不出來怎么辦?如...... 2020-09-17

Report寫不出來怎么辦?如何分析Report的5種類型? What if the Report doesnt come out? How to analyze the 5 types of Report? Report寫不出來怎么辦?快看! 很多同學剛去國外上學的時候,最先接觸到的并......

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Report代寫如何正確使用數...... 2020-09-17

Report代寫如何正確使用數字和度量單位? How do Report writers use Numbers and units of measurement correctly? 在本篇文章,我們將會針對在研究寫作上使用數字及其度量單位,提供以下十個注意事項:......

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Report代寫:完美撰題的八...... 2020-09-17

Report代寫:完美撰題的八大原則 Report writing: Eight Principles for perfect writing 原則一:了解研究報告題目Understand the assignment When a professor assigns apaperto a class, the implicit understanding is that a stu......

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加拿大大學Lab Report怎么寫...... 2020-09-17

加拿大作業代寫:加拿大大學Lab Report怎么寫?如何寫好實驗報告? Canada homework generation write: Canada University Lab Report how to write? How to write a good experiment report? 在加拿大大學讀理科的小伙伴們......

標簽:assignment代寫?英文assignment?代寫assignment?assignment p?assignment代寫?英文文章代寫?英文作業代寫?英語assignment?留學生個人簡歷代寫?北美assignment?溫哥華assignmen?淘寶assignment?代寫英文assignme?加拿大assignmen?assignment代寫?商科assignment?thesis代寫?美國assignment?SCI英文寫作?英文論文寫作?澳洲assignment?finance代寫?新加坡assignmen?

AssignmentGood靠譜嗎?哪一家...... 2020-09-17

AssignmentGood靠譜嗎?哪一家代寫最靠譜? Is AssignmentGood a reliable assignment? Which generation to write the most reliable? AssignmentGood論文代寫怎么樣,靠譜嗎?相比之下,我們更推薦使用代寫。不論是......

標簽:assignment代寫?英文assignment?代寫assignment?assignment p?assignment代寫?英文文章代寫?英文作業代寫?英語assignment?留學生個人簡歷代寫?北美assignment?溫哥華assignmen?淘寶assignment?代寫英文assignme?加拿大assignmen?assignment代寫?商科assignment?thesis代寫?美國assignment?SCI英文寫作?英文論文寫作?澳洲assignment?finance代寫?新加坡assignmen?

AssignmentPass代寫靠譜嗎?有...... 2020-09-17

AssignmentPass代寫靠譜嗎?有沒有靠譜的Assignment代寫推薦? AssignmentPass Is reliable? Is there a reliable Assignment recommendation? AssignmentPass代寫靠譜嗎?有沒有靠譜的Assignment代寫推薦?今天我們來看......

標簽:assignment代寫?英文assignment?代寫assignment?assignment p?assignment代寫?英文文章代寫?英文作業代寫?英語assignment?留學生個人簡歷代寫?北美assignment?溫哥華assignmen?淘寶assignment?代寫英文assignme?加拿大assignmen?assignment代寫?商科assignment?thesis代寫?美國assignment?SCI英文寫作?英文論文寫作?澳洲assignment?finance代寫?新加坡assignmen?

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